October 10

Meet the Knowitalls Avatar Style

Our 4th-grade class had a great time creating our own avatars.  We are from Marysville, Washington and we love learning.   We live in the Pacific Northwest and this time of year it starts to get dark earlier.  It also can rain quite a bit.  We live near Puget Sound and we can see many mountains nearby.

We just started our student blogs.  Please read our posts and comment.

Where are you from?  Tell us something about where you live.

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4 thoughts on “Meet the Knowitalls Avatar Style

  1. Kara Taylor

    Hi Knowitalls!

    My name is Kara and I am a teacher in Cupar, Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach a variety of classes for students in grade 4 up to grade 9.

    I live in the prairies in Canada, the province I live in is sometimes called the “Breadbasket of Canada” as one of our primary exports is wheat and other grains that are used to make flour. It is also very flat where I live, there are not a lot of hills and definitely no mountains.

    I love your avatars, it looks like you had a good time creating them!

  2. Holly

    Hey Knowitalls! I’m holly a student from Canada.

    Your guys avatars are super cool! What site did you make them on? Also you guys said you live near Puget sound, does that mean you have ever seen any orcas? I live very close to the ocean as well but I never see any whales!

    I hope you guys have an awesome time with the Student blogging challenge!


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