October 25

Theme of Front Desk: Kindness

Guest Blogger: Rhader


The theme of Front Desk is being kind. I think this because in the story it says that Mia helped Jason when he was being teased, kids were calling him a Chinese dough boy. This is important because it shows how Mia is nice, even to someone like Jason who is mean to her sometimes.


Mia also made a note that says that Lupe can go to the contest. This shows kindness because Mia is giving Lupe a chance to win the contest. One more example of kindness is when Mia was walking home from school and saw her mom on the sidewalk bleeding. She was very scared. This is important because it shows that Mia really really loves her mom.


         Have you ever had this same experience too?                                         


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3 thoughts on “Theme of Front Desk: Kindness

  1. gracie89

    Well no I have not have this experience. Also I like how you have not really read this book with us except for those 3 days.


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