February 13

What’s better than chocolate chip cookie dough? A SNOW DAY!

The top 5 MUST DO things on a snow day.


#5  Clean!  There is nothing more gratifying than having a clean house.  I usually have to start much smaller with a cleaning goal- like one drawer.  After binge-watching Marie Kondo on Netflix, I tackled my dresser drawer. Here is a pic of my t-shirt drawer.  


#4 Bake  I love baking and snow days are a great excuse to bake.  When my kids were little it was tradition to bake homemade cinnamon rolls and then go sledding.  Now the kids are all grown up and at college. This year I started a new tradition and I baked cookies for my class.  I also baked brownies, but after the 5th snow day, the brownies have disappeared… Sorry, 5th graders!


#3  Drink something HOT!  The important thing here is choosing the correct mug.  It can not be just any old cup, in fact, it needs to be a mug.  For me, it needs to be rounded so that I can wrap my hands around the warmth.  It also needs to be huge, because you have a SNOW DAY, not a snow moment so you might as well enjoy a huge drink.  In the mornings, it must be coffee with creamer and my wonderful husband. Later in the day, there is nothing better than watching the snow fall with my favorite mug of rich chocolaty yumminess.


Here is a pic of my favorite mug for the moment.


#2  READ  Of course a teacher is going to say READ!  There is nothing better than snuggling with my blanket and being led off into a wonderful new world.  I just finished Grisham’s Sycamore Row and it will have me thinking for a long time. Today I get the excitement of choosing my next great book.


#1 Walk in the snow  I love walking and running outside.  Right now running outside is pretty treacherous, so my dog Moodie and I are sticking to the walk plan. This week we are getting to know the snow plow guy and we are chatting with all the neighbors as they shovel snow from their driveways.  Walking in the snow on the beach makes everything extra beautiful. Watching the snow fall is always magical. It is inspirational to watch the water molecules line up form brilliant hexagons. (You didn’t think I would leave MATH off the top 5 list did you?)

Enjoy your snow days. PLAY!!! Have fun and be safe.


What are your top favorite things to do on a SNOW DAY?