October 8

Connecting with others from the Pacific Northwest

photo from wwe.exploreresue.com

The Pacific Northwest              photo by explorersue.com

We are excited to connect and learn from others.  This is my 2nd year blogging with a class and we are really enjoying it.  We are from the Pacific Northwest in  Washington State and we have a class of 28 5th graders.  We love learning and trying new things.  We are hoping that someone in the blogging challenge is also reading the Global Read Aloud book Amal Unbound.

Here are the participants for the challenge:

We are excited to improve our blogging skills while we connect with others around the world!  Each week for the next 10 weeks we will take on a new blogging challenge.  Please check out our blogs and see our improvement!

Where are you from and why do you blog?

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2 thoughts on “Connecting with others from the Pacific Northwest

  1. 6blue18

    Hi Amelia,
    Thank you for leaving a comment on our blog. We were very excited to have a comment some a class that is on the other side of the world from us. We are a class of 23 year 6 students, which makes us 11-12 years old. This is our last year of primary school as next year the students move to high school to start year 7.

    We were wondering how your school system works for you in the USA?

    Miss Gierach

  2. amelia68

    Dear Miss Gierach,
    No problem on commenting on your class blog it was really cool that our teacher Mrs. Novy is letting us comment on people’s blogs around the world witch is really cool!
    Our class is mostly ten 10 year old students.
    We are in 5th grade and next year moving onto middle school to start year six.
    We are a class of 28 and have a wonderful teacher named Mrs. Novy who I mentioned before and she is my favorite teacher.
    Mrs. Novy also works with another great and funny teacher Mr. Palmer and they teach STEM (Science, Technology, Enrichment and Math) and we are working on robotics currently and its been going really well so far.
    And thank you for commenting on our classes main blog! 🙂



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