September 28

Global Read Aloud 2018!! Amal Unbound

We are so excited to start our first every Global Read Aloud!!  We love to talk about books and we look forward to some global connections.  October 1st the reading begins!

What do you think the book will be about?



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23 thoughts on “Global Read Aloud 2018!! Amal Unbound

  1. lyric94

    I’m so excited to read this book! I think it will be about a young girl who need to find where she belongs or something like that, kind of like the authors book at the seattle bookstore but not a self help book.

  2. georgia47

    Hey, Mrs.n! I’m so excited to read this book!!! I think this book is going to be about a young girl with a colorful creative mind. I also think that we are all going to enjoy the global part of this book. It’s such a great opportunity!


  3. frankee54

    I think the book will be about sharing or something like a kid that’s get picked on!!!!
    Also, the cover looks very colorful mabye about family or something

  4. amelia68

    I think that our next book will be about adventure. One of the reasons why is scene we read the back witch we considered not cheating because we didn’t open it we just read the blurb. I can’t remember but I think at the end it said: “So join her on her adventure”. Then again I can’t exactly remember what it said but I believe it did say that.

  5. acacia63

    I think that it might be about slavery because of the vines on the hands. I’m so excited to talk about the books with people all over the world.

  6. colbi19

    I think the book about someone who likes drawing or likes plants. Also, I think it might be about a girl on a trip and gets lost.

  7. emmitt82

    I think the book is going to be about a girl that travels around the world. I also think it is going to be about a girl that lost her mom and dad and tries to find them.

  8. Rylee

    I think the book will be about Amal and how she/he rises to a challenge. Also, I think that because the tittle sounds like she rises to a challenge.

  9. rstu52

    I thing this book will be about a adventure because there are lots of mountains and other on her hands. I am so pumped to read this book!


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