October 30

October 30th Homework

Yahoo!! Book Clubs have started.  Students must finish all book club pages at home.  They can use pages they did not finish at school towards their 22 pages.  Either way everyone is reading at least 22 pages at home!

Zoom in on the Book Club poster sticky note to see your exact page assignment if you forgot.  Be ready to talk about your first club book tomorrow!

If you are ever ABSENT just read the next 40 pages in your club book, so that you can keep up.

Happy Reading!

October 26

October 26, 2017 Homework

Knowitalls need to spend 15 minutes working on their writing piece.  They can revise and add more ideas.  They can edit for all conventions.  Writers are never done, so put in 15 minutes into your piece.  You can work on paper or on the computer.  Happy reading & writing!


October 9

Blogging Challenge- create an avatar!

Hello all!

It is time to create your avatar!  Click on the following link and try the different avatar creation sites.  They may not all work on the chromebook, so be ready to try your trouble shooting skills.  Make sure you link your avatar to the User link on edublogs.  Create a post that tells the world about your avatar.  Why did you choose that image?  What does it represent about you?





Step 2: Create user avatar and write post